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Times of India, Crest Edition, January 30, 2010, "They're playing my song, doc"
At India's largest AIDS care centre in Chennai, in-house radio programming combines music with a message. And patients are tuning in.
Sandhya Soman, Times News Network

October 2009, AIDS education and prevention, Vol. 21, No. 5., pp. 447-459
by Uttara Bharath-Kumar, Antje Becker-Benton, Cheryl Lettenmaier, Jessica Fehringer, Jane T. Bertrand
A recently published paper that references Nalamdana's Thendral Programme in the content.

September 7, 2009, Special dissemination at Government Hospital for Thoracic Medicine (GHTM) Tambaram, Chennai 
How does Art contribute to Anti-AIDS efforts?
Answering this question was a day long program at the GHTM (formerly the TB Sanatorium), Tambaram, hosted by the partners of Make Art/Stop Aids (MA/SA)

October 1 - 31, 2007 
Anandam: Images from Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia and Tanzania
An Exhibition of Photographs by Beth D. Weinstein to benefit Nlamdana. 
$1000 was raised for Nalamdana. For more information or to order prints, contact Beth Weinstein.

Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2003
"Of the many types of entertainment-education that the present authors observed on their five-nation trip, Nalamdana was one of the most impressive. We visited Nalamdana for two days while we were in Chennai in December 2001. We learned a great deal from this intensive workshop, and admire the dedication and ingenuity of the Nalamdana troupe."

"Making Waves: Stories of Participatory Communication for Social Change"
A Report to the Rockefeller Foundation
"An evaluation of Nalamdana theatrical activities showed that a significant increase in HIV/AIDS-related knowledge occurred as a result of watching the drama... accurate knowledge and awareness of where to go for further services like testing and counseling are the essential steps to behavior change. The interactive street theatre performances facilitate this link."

The Economic Times, September 2, 2001
"Delightful is the song which speaks of health and hygiene, each line ending with the question: Nalamdana?... The audience is drawn, the play begins... With the lights, props and background music, it is like watching live cinema, cinema that evolves. What the Nalamdana theatre team does is to find ways of bringing the movie alive, filled with messages. At any time, new feedback can be incorporated."

The Hindu, September 3, 2001
"The play Kalyana Malai is as much about women's empowerment as much as its emphasis is on pre-natal care, the appropriate marriageable age, and the possible medical complications arising from marriages among close relatives... the play is a no nonsense social message play... Yet, the play is engrossingly funny."
Combating AIDS: Communication Strategies in Action, Arvind Singhal, Everett M Rogers

AIDS Education and Prevention, Vol 11 (3), 
Jun 1999, 203-211
An evaluation of the use of drama to communicate HIV/AIDS information,
by Thomas W. Valente and Uttara Bharath
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