Former Student's letter

An Unforgettable Day

Nalamdana records its deep appreciation to Mr. Ramaswamy who is the first student supported under this program to send in a check to support another student in need. Ramaswamy was helped through his final years of schooling under this program and is now employed by a leading IT firm in India, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS). He attended the annual student function in Nalamdana's office this year and pledged to support one student. 

True to his word, he sent in his first check last week. Nalamdana is very proud of him and delighted that this program has completed one full circle - a student who benefitted from our help and is now in a position to help another student.

Ramaswamy writes:

Hi All,
Thanks for your mail. I am sending you this mail to show my thanks towards this organization which helped me in developing skills in various areas such as my interpersonal skills, thought process and helping tendency. I Miss you all. I promise you when ever I get time I will contribute for the development of the organization so that many more Ramaswamys might make their life colorful. Once again I thank you all for creating a wonderful opportunity to help the students.
Love you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Christmas and New year.
Ramaswamy Arunachalam
Tata Consultancy Services