Penin Perumai Flip Chart

Penin Perumai means the pride of being a Girl

This flip chart story was designed and drawn by adolescents who are part of Nalamdana's Youth Education and Leadership Program. It is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to explain the facts about puberty and reproduction to young adults and adolescents.
Penin Perumai (the pride of being a girl)
This is a story in a flip chart form, about a young girl, Priya, and her friends, in a village. One day, one of the friends, Poongothai, doesn't turn up in school, or later to play. Priya is puzzled when she is told that it is because she has now become a "big girl"

Confused Priya tries to look for answers about what has happened to Poongothai. She receives nothing satisfactory from her friend, her sister, mother, grandmother, or even from her school teacher. Finally she and her other friends have all their doubts clarified by a friendly village nurse. (This is when all the information on menstruation, puberty, etc is given).

Then Priya returns home to find that she has a new baby sister. But her father and grandmother are angry at her mother for having produced one more girl. Once again Priya's confusion is resolved the next day, by the nurse, who explains gender and the x and y chromosomes, common misconceptions, etc.

She realizes that her father and grandmother are misinformed, and returns home happier, less confused, and proud of being a girl. The story ends with Priya dreaming of her future and all that she can grow up to be.