About Nalamdana

Nalamdana's vision is to create positive social change through communication, for a healthier and better educated society. We believe access to complete and correct information is a basic right for all communities irrespective of social, economic or educational status. Our mission is to use creative, innovative, participatory behaviour change communication to enable target audiences to make better informed decisions about their health and for their families.

Initially, we addressed a wide variety of health topics ranging from alcoholism, cancer prevention and suicide prevention to clean water and personal health and hygiene. Starting in 2000, after seven years of working closely with communities, we zeroed in on HIV AIDS prevention and Maternal and Child Health as the two areas most critically in need of knowledge intervention.

Our Mission
Nalamdana is a non-profit organization that uses creative, innovative and entertaining behavior change methods with community participation, to enable people to make better-informed decisions about their health and their families.

Our Beliefs
- We believe in the Right to Information. Access to correct and complete information is a basic right.

- We believe that the message-embedded-in-entertainment method has extraordinary retention and recall.

- We believe in response-driven participatory methods - communication media must reflect the changing nature and knowledge level of audiences. The micro beliefs of the community should be woven into the script and addressed. For instance: sexual taboos and attitudes, misconceptions about pregnancy and so on.